Laser Birthday Party

Laser Birthday Party

The greatest laser tag arena in Romania has opened its gates! Come to Laser Megazone in Bucharest and you will be welcomed in a natural size Hi-Tech recreation center!

The way towards the 2 levels labyrinth is opened by a friendly waiting area and bar.

As you advance you reach Airlock…

You receive the last instructions, your vest and gun are set…your mission can begin!

Laser Megazone is the biggest laser tag arena in Romania and probably the best place for you to prove your qualities as a good combatant!

Over 6000 parties for children, hundreds of corporate events and team buildings, parties for adults and competitions for the passionate ones make Laser Megazone an entertainment and recreation center for the whole family.
Laser Birthday Party

After 7 years of activity and almost 6000 memorable anniversaries organised up until now, we know how to plan parties to the very last detail for the little ones and make them be a delight not only for children, but for parents too. Instead of spending time planning fun activities for many children and then having to take care of the cleaning too, you can put on some confortable clothes and enjoy everything at your will together with the celebrated one at Laser Megazone.

Everything at your will!

You bring food and the cake and Laser Megazone welcomes you in an exclusive events hall, full of soft sofas and armchairs. We offer refreshments for all children at your will too, and for parents we are prepared with beer, coffee, cappuccino and juice, which can be ordered separately from the bar.

Dynamic party, ability game tests and a lot of fun

Relax! And imagine that for 2 and a half hours all the children are taking part at a dynamic party, with laser tag game tests, ability, creativity and observance. Teams receive points for each game test and at the end we name the winners, who receive a diploma from the celebrated one.

Lets not forget the daddies!

From our experience we recommend daddies to be dressed as comfortable as possible because in most cases they take an active and fierce part in the battle arena to support the little ones or to make another daddy surrender.

Stimulate the imagination, the creativity and the interest of children

The sky is the limit! There are certain default scenarios and game modes, but the power of imagination is the only thing that imposes the limit. A laser tag party can begin by sketching some scenarios and indications, after which parents can stimulate the imagination, the creativity and the interest of children using the decorations or even the costumes that they have prepared at home. Children can reproduce the battle of Verdun, the Normandy landings or the war of Transnistria, thus learning about history and geography as part of the fun, eliminating any stress related factor.

It is not me who matters, it is THE TEAM!

Laser tag played in teams implies creating and applying certain strategies and distributing the members of a team on ranks and roles, based on their character and temper. Once they are in the labyrinth, the communication between players will be stimulated in order to defeat the opponent team or to complete given tasks, and solidarity as well, as the player himself takes on a secondary role, the interest of the team being the utmost important. Lets not forget about the actual physical activity too, which has its own contribution to the development of certain coordination and attention abilities, which are going to be essential later on.

We stay friends!

And the fact that the opponent are friends or even members of the same family creates that play and combativeness atmosphere, putting the actual violent factor on a subsidiary role, the one that projects feelings of rejection upon the rival. As this type of magical party always includes several game matches, the teams can be constantly updated, together with the scenarios and the game strategies, so that the little ones will confront always different opponents, but mostly their own limits.

Violence? Not here!

Even though at first sight laser tag seems a type of fun that is not recommendable to minors, things are not exactly like that. Children, with or without parents intervention, are going to play in more or less violent ways. And this primary data can and must be used in the favor of a harmonious development of the child’s personality. It seem paradoxically, but game therapy has given and continues to give spectacular results not only in pathologic cases, but in prevention too.



We present you all the details as following

Price for 3 games (60min) 54 Lei /per person.

Refreshments, mineral and aerated water at disposal for children.

The one who is being celebrated benefits from free matches provided that there is a minimum of 12 guests!   Groups of children between 7 and 14 years old ( The presence of an adult is mandatory).

Approximate duration: 2 and a half hours, 3 hours maximum

*Parties can be held from monday to friday starting 14:00 o’clock until 21:00 o’clock or in weekends between 09:00 o’clock and 21:00 o’clock.

**Parties can be held during the schedule hours, having exclusiveness of one hall, only with previous appointment.

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